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Breakroom Standards

Posted by The Cleaner Corner Team on 12/12/2014

Does Your BreakRoom Meet The Standard?

My lunch break today was refreshing! Before lunch, I was a slug. Too tired to get any real work done, but too money savvy to buy the $2.99 coffee across the street. Now, after lunch, I’m ready to get down to business. This could be because of our new breakroom!

The Pour-O-Matic Three Burner Pour-Over Coffee Brewer: a necessity for any worker who can’t wake up! This brewer has three separately controlled warmers, for those who like it hot, cold, or somewhere in between. (Also sold: filters, coffee, cups, cream and sugar)

Avanti Countertop Microwave Oven: featuring rotating glass turntable and direct access keys for quick programming of popular food. Ten power levels allow you to find the right setting for a variety of foods. This is the answer to your thirty-minute lunch!

Hospitality Service Cart: This allows the breakroom to come to you! The serving area expands to 56” wide with drop leaves extended. It also has a large storage drawer. Perfect for a conference room.

Many forget about the significance of a breakroom! It shouldn’t be used as a storage unit or a dumping ground for all the unnecessary things at your desk. With Cleaner Corner’s line of breakroom supplies, you’ll have your precious breakroom back in no time.

The Cleaner Corner Team