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Make Cleaning A Cinch!

Posted by The Cleaner Corner Team on 12/12/2014

Are hundreds of tiny spaces in your work area going unnoticed by your cleaning crew? Or is your current floor scrubber just too big to take care of them? Cleaner corner has the perfect solution to your problem. We have 17 new AutoScrubbers to fit your exact needs. Here are three Scrubbers ready to combat any floor troubles!

14” AutoScrubber CT15 (Battery Operated) – This scrubber has an adjustable handle to reach difficult areas, anti-foam and center flow systems to make cleaning your unreachable spaces a cinch!

32” CT110 Rider AutoScrubber – This auto scrubber has three pro-programmed work settings and an automatic solution and speed reduction on turns. The self-leveling brush system will help with high productivity rate and performance.

28” CT70 AutoScrubber with Traction Drive – This auto scrubber comes with on board charging for the battery, the option of pad driving or nylon brushes, and is simplistic in design. It’s easy to use and is able to clean up to 50,000 square feet in one charge!

You can't go wrong with any of these compact autoscrubbing power houses!

The Cleaner Corner Team!