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The Necessities To Maintain Your Professional Workspace

Posted by The Cleaner Corner Team on 12/13/2014
Does your desk reflect your flawless work ethic? Or are you running an office that doesn’t look as professional as the work that’s done? If not, there are simple ways to change that! With these few products, you can have your office space looking as professional as you are.

The Raven Backpack Vacuum

Posted by The Cleaner Corner Team on 12/12/2014

Some people think that because a vacuum looks sleek and has the ability to slide under, over, and in between that it must be top of the line. Of course, for the first few weeks of using them, the vacuum may be the best. The real test of a vacuum comes weeks or months after the purchase date when debris has filled the vacuum bag.

Door To Safety Swings On The Hinges Of Common Sense!

Posted by The Cleaner Corner Team on 12/12/2014

One of the main worries of management is safety for their employees and others entering the building. United States Department of Labor states there are over 3 million work-related injuries reported each year in the United States. Together, we can lower the amount of injuries in our workplace. Keep everyone safe with just a few items...

Make Cleaning A Cinch!

Posted by The Cleaner Corner Team on 12/12/2014

Are hundreds of tiny spaces in your work area going unnoticed by your cleaning crew? Or is your current floor scrubber just too big to take care of them? Cleaner corner has the perfect solution to your problem. We have 17 new AutoScrubbers to fit your exact needs. Here are three Scrubbers ready to combat any floor troubles!

Protect The Environment While Protecting Your Image

Posted by The Cleaner Corner Team on 12/12/2014

Green cleaning is a healthier alternative to more regularly used cleaning methods and products. Products that are considered “green” avoid uses of chemically reactive and toxic ingredients, no ozone depleting substances, reduced flammability, and reduced or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Cleaner Corner offers several lines of environmentally friendly products formulated with ingredients from natural sources made by all of your favorite brands.

Breakroom Standards

Posted by The Cleaner Corner Team on 12/12/2014

Does Your BreakRoom Meet The Standard?

Make Your Bathroom Cleaner and More Efficient

Posted by The Cleaner Corner Team on 12/12/2014

According to the ISSA, the average bathroom takes 27 minutes to clean. This includes taking out the trash, cleaning and disinfecting any and all fixtures, wiping mirrors, replacing supplies and wet mopping the floor.

Mother's Day Article

Posted by The Cleaner Corner Team on 5/2/2014

We know you're questioning your gift for Mother’s Day… or you haven't even thought of that perfect gift yet. We know the feeling! Time is wasting away, but no worries; we do local deliveries for free!

Our Worthy Cause

Posted by The Cleaner Corner Team on 6/22/2012

Duluth Disaster Relief Effort

Posted by The Cleaner Corner Team on 6/20/2012

In 24 hours the Duluth, MN city and surrounding areas were hit with 10 inches of rain causing rivers and lakes to breach and overflow. Flooding has destroyed roads, homes, and city buildings while closing down entire towns and multiple state parks. With an estimated cost in damage exceeding 100 million dollars to the city of Duluth and surrounding areas (not including the private sector) everyone is left with a difficult task to clean up and rebuild.